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Small groups are an important part of who we are as a church community, and we are a community becoming (a healthy) family. G3 Groups have three regular sessions focusing on subjects coinciding with our ministry strategy: Ground, Grow and Go. We say at Common Ground, “We are a community becoming family.” One way we are accomplishing this goal is by actively becoming a church of small groups, which engage God’s Word and appreciate one another through common interests. Through our growth group program, G3 Groups, we deepen our walk with the Lord in our sermon based series, which coincide with our ministry strategy: GROUND, GROW & GO. These short studies will reinforce the preached sermons, make relevant the topics, and invite practical application for daily living. Our “ONE Groups” gather based upon specialty affinity activities, with the goal of becoming “one” in the Lord, while celebrating the uniquely shared interests (hobbies, skills, talents, recreation, etc.).

"G3 Groups are meeting February 11th - March 24th.

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